Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Parent Drop-off/Pick-up

If you are transporting your child, the doors will be unlocked at 7:15 AM for the morning sessions and at 11:25 am for the afternoon sessions.  Class begins at 7:30 for the morning session and ends at 10:40.  Afternoon sessions begin at 11:25 and conclude at 2:35.   Please be prompt in picking up your child. Every child must be escorted directly to and from the preschool room or to a preschool staff member.... no student should be dropped off at school doors alone.  Please do not leave other children or siblings unattended in the building or car.  To aid in smooth transitions from home to school, it is best to keep drop-off and pick-up times to a minimum.  If you need to discuss an issue with a teacher, please schedule a meeting outside of these times. 

Please be considerate when dropping-off/picking-up your child.  Do not block other vehicles during these times.  Also, please call the school if you will be late picking-up your child.

Late Arrivals/Early Pick Up
Please respect the instructional time for your child and other students.  If you need to arrive late or leave early for an appointment, please enter through the main school office . Only the parent or people listed on your child’s pick-up list may sign them out from school..  


Bus Transportation

Children who qualify for free preschool may also elect to have transportation provided by school bus.  A transportation page must be completed with before school pick-up location and after school drop-off location.  Both destinations must be in the same school district.  Any changes to transportation must be done through the preschool secretary at 879-4699.  Please note that transportation changes may not always be able to occur the same day notified.

Students will not be dropped off at home unless an adult is present and is on the pick-up list of the student. If an adult is not present, then the child will be returned to their school.  If the problem is persistent, then transportation may not be provided for that child.

Sometimes problems do occur on the bus.  If a child engages in behavior that may be harmful to himself or others, the bus driver or aide will notify the school.  The school will then notify the parent about the behavior.  If the problem is persistent, bus transportation may be no longer provided for that child.

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