Dress Code

Southside Elementary School believes that the standards of dress and grooming should be primarily the responsibility of the parents and students with the understanding that students shall wear appropriate clothing and groom themselves in a manner which reflects good taste, does not violate the rules of decency, offend the standards of other students, or distract from the educational program. All students are expected to comply with the following minimum standards of dress and grooming:

1. Clothing: Clothing should be clean and neat. No vulgar or suggestive comments, or advertising alcohol or tobacco products.

2. Spaghetti straps, halter tops, tank tops, bare midriffs, fish net shirts, or half shirts are NOT permitted. This includes torn or radically altered clothing. (Sleeveless shirts are acceptable).

3. For safety reasons, long dangling earrings are not to be worn to school.

4. Shorts, skirts, and dresses should be an adequate length to preserve student modesty.Garments shall be sufficient to conceal undergarments at all times.

5. Hats are not allowed at school. Shoes with wheels are not allowed at school.


Southside Elementary School reserves the right to send home any student, which in the opinion of the principal or designee, is not appropriately dressed for school. If you have any questions regarding the dress code, use this rule of thumb: IF IN DOUBT, DON'T WEAR IT!! Violations of this policy will result in the following disciplinary actions:

First Violation - Home contact and student may be asked to change clothing.

Second Violation - Home contact, student may be sent home to change, and a discipline report issued to violator for willful disobedience.

Third Violation - Home contact, student may be sent home to change, and a discipline report issued with specific consequences to violator for defiance of authority.

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