Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Arrival –   Students may enter the building at 7:15am reporting to the gym or cafeteria for breakfast.  Students who arrive after 7:40 are tardy and must report to the attendance clerk before going to class.  It is important to note the doors to the building will not be opened for entry, nor supervised, prior to 7:15 am.  For your child’s safety, please do not drop off your student prior to this time.

Dismissal –   Students are dismissed at 2:45.  At any time students are dismissed from school, they shall be released according to the written instructions provided by the custodial parent/guardian.

The instructions, which are requested at the time the student registers/enrolls for the school year, shall include the student’s regular mode of transportation at the end of the day and a list of persons, in addition to the custodial parent/guardian, who are authorized to pick up the child from school.  Any deviation from the authorized release process must be approved by the principal/designee prior to the student departing school in another manner.  It shall be the responsibility of the custodial parent/guardian to notify the school in writing if release instructions are to be revised.  If written instructions are not provided to the school, the student shall be released to ride home on the assigned bus or with the custodial parent/guardian.

Students are released in the following order: (1) Parent/guardian pick up, (2) bus, (3) walkers.  A student is considered a walker if he/she walks home from school or if a parent/guardian chooses to wait on the sidewalk for their child.  Students who are picked up in the car rider line will be escorted to the parent/guardian car by a staff member.  Persons responsible for picking up the student must display the designated Simmons car rider tag with the student’s name, preferably the front, passenger side car window.  Persons who do not have a Simmons bulldog tag will be asked to show photo identification prior to the release of the student.  These persons must be listed on the student’s pick up list located in the office.  Parents are not permitted to park in the bus lane.

Early Dismissal - If the student is to be picked up early, the custodial parent/guardian shall report to the attendance clerks’ office and sign for the student’s release.  Our school maintains a daily entry and exit log of all students signing in late or signing out early. Thank you for your cooperation with all matters related to student safety and accounting.

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